Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Hair & Week off

Soo.. I've had a week off because of my hecticly spread out exam time table! Been trying to keep myself super busy although it sometimes problematic! On friday I 'ombr├ęd' my hair! Slightly like dip dye but more subtle.. pretty spontaneous :D The hairdresser had no idea what I was talking about and literally had to explain it to her.. haha! But very happy with the outcome - needed a change :)

On Sat was my sisters 21st... absolutely incredibly! It was at The Reserve in town, drinks and snacks and speeches first - I did a speech!!! Eeep! But I must say I was very impressed with it, pretty hilarious haha ;) Then dinner and dessert and drinks.. lots more.. haha. Everyone looked beautiful, especially my stunning sister and was SO fun - although I overdid the wine a bit and left at like 1 - boo what a loser! haha. But was still insane! (Pics soon!)

I then went shopping the other day and basically cleaned out my bank account (so much for saving!?) But bought some gorgeous items - wripped denim shorts with fades, midrift coral top, black open back dress - you know I can't resist anything open back, AMAZING bikini, 3 pairs of shoes, new tie dye midrift top for gym and then me and my 3 besties got tight yellow body con dresses that we're going to get printed for Plett Rage (devil face. hehe). Very excited!

My new hair! (not the best pic!)

Cappuccinos and chocolate mousse cake with mom :D

Sushi and cocktails at Pepenero with my sis and then Caprice

My new amazing bikini!

Denim shorts - pink and yellow detail!

Coral top + shorts (yes yes - I took a mirror pic)




Happy Wednesday! x x
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