Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Must Haves

So... been studying for my history exam tomorrow loads and think my brain needs a rest before it shrivels up! But fear not, cause I'm going away on a girls holiday trip with my mom and sister to Thailand in one day less than 2 weeks and really excited! Could really do with some retail therapy, hot tropical weather, amazing food and a bit of a getaway :) Anyways, here's a few 'must haves' of mine at the moment:

1. Exotic Swimwear
Absolutely love the style of this first one - Cleapatra. Gold and black Goddess!

Classic shape and amazing colour - love brights!

And of course lets not forget a beautiful one piece or monokini!

2. Yes, more blazers!
Two-tone, nudes, brights, sequined, slouchy - love them. And absolutely love chunky, short necklaces at the moment!

3. Chunky and striking shoes - as always.
Been crushing on these Jeffrey Campbell Litas for ages! So I think I've waited long enough..!

Chunky, bright and bold.. love those qualities in a shoe!

4 and 5. Chanel Bag and Uneven chiffon skirt
- Perfect!

6. Chunky Rings
Specifically this YSL one!

 7. The perfect nude
I have yet to find the perfect nude, that does not make me look like I've got some funky disease!

Back to the studying...! 
x x x

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let's take a walk on the Wild Side

Oh my, first post in months! Blogger changed the layout and settings and have had probs uploading etc so finally downloaded Google Chrome and viola! Anyways so just updated my lookbook page with a new look and more still to come! Here's my latest look from a shoot i did a few weeks ago :)

Photographer: Marnus Meyer
Make up & Styling: Zenia Ferreira

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