Friday, June 25, 2010


Good morning sunshine :)
Yestaday evening we took the tram to syndagma and then went for some shopping before dinner in plaka and monastiraki. We first walked through ermou street and I bought this stunning gold ring from H&M. I was talking to the sales assistant there and he was this cute looking gay guy and he was so cool. I loved his outfit so took a picture as you can see above. There is also a picture of these two people kissing and I couldn't resist but take a picture, they were adorable.
We went to this restaurant for dinner and I had the yummiest club sandwich with everything possible in it. I also had a Mojito, my all time favorite signature drink. At about 10 it suddenly started raining heavily out of the blue! But it was overboard, the roads were flooding but it was still quite hot! That didn't stop me from eating a double chocolate magic ice cream though, hehe. So we took the tram back and still had to walk the short distance up the road to the appartment.. but. We were literally dripping!! I took my shoes off because there was floods and a peice of glass stuck into my foot but managed to get it out. I had funny dreams all night and when I woke up at 11 the sky was a cloudless blue and the sun was out - weird.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Attention: Do not feed the Wild Animals..

This is the inspirational post of the week. It's about unleashing your inner animal. Everyone has a wild side, yes even nuns I'm sure. Having fun and letting lose sometimes is exactly what one needs to stay sane. Thats kind of what I have been doing here in Greece so embracing it, hehe. I want to do more unpredictable things and be a bit more lively.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Black Lace & Denim

A few of my favorite items so far. A black lace body and denim high waisted shorts with big bow on them and as some people might know I am a huge fan of bows :) They are both from Zara my favorite shop ever! Also have my Jesus sandals on (I like to call them that) and my new big brown bag from Bershka. As you may of also noticed, I am no longer one of the few pasty people among the 9 million tanned people in Athens, score.

Peach high waisted shorts :)

Been shopping stax and bought this bag, and that vest but most importantly those cute peach high waisted shorts!! So far been to an island called Poros, sop amazing. Was staying right on the beach in this really nice hotel, spent everyday at the beach and was really stunning. Loving it here.. the shopping, the food!! (everyone is trying to make me fat!), the people, nightlife, the beaches, everything! But ofcourse Im missing my people and my house. have a a few more posts that are ready for posting but will have to see if my wireless will stop being a bitch..

First post in Greece

Greetings from the other side of the world! I am in Greece now and glad to be. It took 17 hours including the stop in Doha, Quatar to get here. I had absolutely no sleep at all but indulged in lots of junk food and about 7 different movies! My eyes were slightly on the square side. Haha. Anyways I had a prob getting on the wireless on my comp but finally managed, yay! So this is a tad overdue but better than never : ) I managed to bribe my 5 year old brother to take these that’s why they are slightly off focus. This was the day after I arrived so I look kind of pasty but but but I have been tanning so fear not. This was my first item, which were these brown heels. They are from Tally Weijl. I absolutely love them. Hehe. Will try post again asap : )

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

more Dash than Cash

The words for the week are dash and cash.. and perhaps clash. haha. These are some outfits and pictures that I like and aren't wishy-washy. One thing I can't stand is wishy-washy. No these pics are definately not, they are to the point but have detail and stand out. The l.ast picture is a pic I took of my best friend Courtney, I love her. She's wearing leopard print and houndstooth, I would usually never pair these two together as they are both so busy but I have decided I quite like it. This heading can mean different things to different people and thats really good. You must keep your perseption of the heading and interpret it in your own way, thats important or we'd all look and be the same - and thats boring. Anyways, I'm leaving for Greece tomorrow so the next post I make will probably be on the other side of the world. Or perhaps I shall post one before I leave :)
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