Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sedgefield, I just fell inlove.

Ok, I am getting pretty fraustrated at this point. I got back to Cape Town yesterday and so far I have tried uploading these pictures atleast 1000 times! Theres no hope I tell you. Jee. So anywyays, my sister downloaded this new uploader for me and apparently it doesn't really like me so thats that. Here are 5 pictures I managed to upload before I got the new uploader.. I was in Sedgefield for 6 days with Courts, met the most amazing people, had the most insane days and nights, and have the most legend quotes, pics, music and memories from those 6 rad days. Wow. I really loved it, and now miss it!

Courts and her recent boyfriend :)

Catching some sun, yes baby.

Here are two legend songs that remind us of this trip!
Fit but you know it by The Streets

Rock 'n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution by ACDC

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Matric Dance Preparations..

So I am going to a matric dance tomorrow and regardless of the fact that I'm sick, I am lacking a silver clutch to go with my dress. (sigh) But anyways, this is my dress for tomorrow and some of the jewelery and the nail polish that I will French manicure my nails with in a bit. I'm going for the Grecian look, my dress is long and green with silver tangled through the neck bit.

This is my inspiration look for the night. Jessica Alba at the People's choice Awards. She looks elegant, sleek, and beautiful. Her hair is about the same length as mine so thats pretty great.

I'm thinking for make up, clear, bronzed skin, high cheek bones, big smokey eyes, long lashes and a classic nude lip. These are two pics that I thought portrayed that nicely.

For the after party I'm wearing this cute, lace, open back dress. I bought it in Greece from Zara and have yet to wear it.

The Back

The Front

The Pattern

And these are my babies. Also from Greece, Tally Weijl, strappy platforms

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