Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yes, the boys..

Was Phil's brothers 21st today, so last nigth he some friends over and we all had a braai,champagne & drinks, listened to some cool beats, and then we headed out to claremont. Loved spending it with my best friend (Phil) and her half crippled boyfriend (injured his knee - don't worry Warren, your still a beast), bumped into my sister and Kirst - looking gorgeous as usual, and some of the craziest people I know....... wait for it....

Duncan Bell (18 last night!)
Matthew Christian (the blackmailer)
Troy Cunningham
Mike Bradley
Mike Small
Brandon Scholtz
Bob Bedingham
Jesse Taft

-I never back down on my word. Here's that blogpost you blackmailed me into dedicating to you ;)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's A Beautiful - U2 concert

U2.................... AMAZING. Enough said!

Picture below: Phil, Siobhan and I :)
-All the pics below are taken by Siobhan M:) Up and coming South African photographer ;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Festival du film fran├žais

Last Wednesday I worked at the French Film Festival at the Labia, on Orange Street in Town. I first had a casting in the late afternoon and the had one and a half hours to kill with my mom. We went to Greens on Kloof Street, and had a drink and an amazing prawn, smoked salmon and avo salad.. yum.
After that I went to the labia were we got briefed and I was hostessing at the entrance with another girl Megan. It turned out to be a really cool night. There was really nice snacks, drinks and I met a lot of really cool people (directors, photographers, people from the French consulite), all in all, mostly French people - but all really friendly and interesting.

I also had my first Macaroon!!! Yes, and it was just as amazing as everyone promised :) I first tasted the lemon one which was great but had to try the chocolate (my absolute weakness).

Here is a photo of myself, some of the bartenders, and Marion and Catherine from the French Consulite.

(Photo taken by Ralph Higgo. See link for more:

And here is a picture of my latest favorite food. Have to try.

Au Revoir,
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