Monday, December 10, 2012

Confessions of a Rager

So... wow. A lot has happened since we last spoke ;) I've finished school (FORVER - screeeeaaaaming! I now do not have any excuses as to why I slack at blogging), became single and just got back from rage (devil horns face).

Which brings me to my topic - PLETT RAGE.
Confessions of Rager ;)

Day 1:
Lunch time: Arrive
"Arriving Party" at our house - food, drinks, music, people
Midnight: VIP
4.30: Get kicked out of the club when it shuts down (I thought this was rage??)

Day 2:
Wake up at about 1pm (are you serious - usually wake up at maybe 8.30)
Breakfast - rolls, omelettes, 2 min noodles, chips, double vodka redbull
The discovery of "Beach Bar" on central beach
Arive: 10 minutes left to go for the buy 2 get 1 free special - downing competition
Get covered in blue stamps by DJ Moosa whilst attempting to 'own' the dancefloor
Cut my foot open on DJ box whilst dancing and nearly haemorrhage to death (ok I'm kidding but it wasn't pretty)
Get home - eat, pass out, apparently people came over
I'm up, I'm up! Predrink - VIP @ midnight

Me and Kirst - at VIP on first night (blue stamps - faded haha)

In the DJ box with DJ Moosa (Stamp happy the next day)

Day 3 - 7:
See day 2 ;) (with a few variations - don't want to bore you)


So..there's always those stories of people that have been to Plett and their experiences and opinions however I found a few to be HIGHLY different.

Things that people don't tell you:
 - You will prob sleep with your make up on every night (and perhaps your clothes and shoes on some haha)
- This is the most unhealthy week of your life (if you end up drinking a fruit flavoured drink or eating a vegetable flavoured packet of 2 min noodles - that will be the healthiest thing you consume that day)
- VIP is not how I imagined it - call me a snob but when I heard the word 'superclub' I was kinda thinking more along the lines of European state of the art club... so um, VIP - more of a massive warehouse and an outdoor section with marquie (lots of sloppy dressed people and anything goes! Me and my girlfriends still wore dresses and heels every night though - anything goes right?)
- At some stage you will be in the pharmacy trying to stock up (and probably have not realized the prices of meds now days) and you will need at least one, if not all of these things: plasters, painkillers, antibacterial cream, corenza-c, vitamins, enos - yip used them all haha
- NB: Do not go out earlier than midnight! So many people I know ended up leaving the club early to go home cause they were tired?? Come oooon!
- Afternoon sleep (more like 6pm ish) - crucial (you can still manage to sleep in late, party like rockstars all day and prematch/party and go out at night!
- If you are one of those people that dig dancing and are always jamming on the dancefloor - it is insanely hoooot! Like rip my clothes off hot. So hair up + dress is the best choice - but of course still taking beauty ino account


Anyways, besides getting back hardly being able to walk, a few burns, gash on my ankle, no voice, sick and 2kgs heavier - Plett was INSANE ;)

PS: It has taken me I don't know how long to do this damn post because blogger is like on crack or something. There are random spaces and gaps - yes I am aware. And the writing changed allignment half way through, really?? Anyways whatevs, more pics to come soon ;)

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