Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Nikita is my re-united obsession! It's an American TV series that I have watched before and now I have just finished re-watching it for the second time (season 1 and 2).. Yes, due to the fact I'm wearing a back brace I have acquired much more free time on my hands! Mostly because I have a girl crush on the lead actress, Maggie Q, known as Nikita in the series. She is quite a mixture of nationalities, as am I, her father being Irish and Polish and her mother being Vietnamese. A few interesting facts about her include, that she's a vegan, does a series of various martial arts, yoga and lives in Hong Kong. If you look on youtube, there is 'A day in the life of Maggie Q' which is really interesting! She's very funny and seems like such a kind, humble person. Other then that, she also has an insane body (from all the yoga, martial arts and vegan diet) and great style.

For Nikita (as are the two images below)

With her co-actors from Nikita, Michael & Alex.
Looking fabulous on the Red Carpet (as below)


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