Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tra la la la la..

Im bored..... yes i know i should be studying but due to my sickness and high dose of pain killers.. well its not very productive. Haven't left the house since wednesday (besides quick trip down the road to doctor) What is becoming of me??!! haha

So yeah.. already painted my nails (manicure pink), taken a hot bath, made some more tea, watched skins, watched 90210.. what else can i do? haha

Oooh and I lost 2kgs since wednesday due to the lack of swallowing power i have at the mo :/

Anyways webcam pic:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Vodacom TVC

So... lets see.

I have been sick for the past weekish but it turned into tonsilitus on wednesday so been in bed since then - literally :( plus that, can't really eat anything (can't actually see why thats a bad thing. ha) my tonsils are so swollen, they are literally the size of golf balls! not cool. Just to top that off, i started exams on wednesday, so managed to write wed morning but then missed my afrikaans exam today. Don't know how im going to study for my next exam on monday!!! Meant to write monday, tuesday and wedneasday :/

On the other hand im going to Greece in 3 and a half weeks!!!!!! YAY :) So excited! Going to tan, beach, shop, party, explore, and just have the time of my life.

Anyways, last week Saturday I shot a tv commercial for Vodacom which was really cool. I was part of a group of really lovely girls, some of which I knew. We shot in a road in Long street in Town and the set had huge contraptions with lights on them and tons of cameras and yeah, was a really fun experience! :)

These are some pics taken on set.. From left - Callan Paul, Me, Alex McGregor, and afew others (forgotten their names!! so bad with that. grrr)

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