Sunday, July 22, 2012

Torné Velk Photography

Latest interview with Torné Velk - 18 year old photographer. She's shot me twice in the past, and not only is incredibly talented but passionate, fun and super crazy! Below are some shots she got of me a while ago - the first was my previous blog cover, and a few others made my portfolio and Z-Cards :)

The last time I interviewed you was the 9 june 2011.. You have come a LONG way since then! What have you done in this past year?

- In the past year I have realised many things and seen many changes. Tried new talented people and made some amazing friends.

(Leandri Truter)

What have been some of the challenges you've faced?

- I have had problems with my age and people trying to take advantage of me because of that. I've learned through my mistakes to keep more low key about updates, etc

(Ashleigh Gordon)

The last time I asked you about your goals for the future, you said: "to start a really successful photography business on my own"  Do you think you've achieved that or are you still in the process of fulfilling this dream?

- This goal of mine can only continue to improve all the time in every way. It will always be an ongoing process but am happy with what I've achieved so far and learning new things all the time!

(Alex McGregor)

At the moment, who/what inspires you the most?

- My inspiration constantly changes depending on what I'm looking for at that time, ranging from photographers more focused on beauty to more edgy photographers around the world.

(Michelle Van Heerden)
(Nicole Lee Lamberts)

I know you've worked with quite a few companies (magazines, agencies)..Who have you worked with and what have you learned in doing so?

- I've worked with many online magazines like Thirst for Vision, SWO magazine, Lithuania and shoots planned for new upcoming magazines, Plus 27 and more for SWO magazine. I had an interview in Between 10and5 and another one coming soon.

(Eloise Schamrel)

Do u have a particular muse, if so who and why? And if not, why? (Perhaps many etc)

- Its hard to have a muse and to have a line between work you need and work they want. I've shot Alex McGregor the most because she's easy to work with and suits any look or style.

(Alex McGregor)

(Simone De Kock and Alex McGregor)

Is there any advice you can give? Not only in photography, but in achieving your dreams and goals, about life and the real world.

- People will always try to bring you down and say anything that could possibly upset you. You need to do things for yourself and always see where you can improve. Planning a lot before a shoot always helps and always be organised and prepared. It's funny because I used to stereotype models as being rude, but every model I've shot in the last 2 years has been amazing whether their new to the modelling world or more experienced.

(Morgan Shelley)

Stay tuned for more interviews with fashion photographers and more!
A x

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