Saturday, October 30, 2010

Morning :)

Moooorning to the Mother City!
Just woke up and as usual my brother played a huge role in the waking of me up. Yes, this time it was the flash that woke me. He's quite the photographer and so let him have his fun, I plugged in the ipod and let him wear out the battery in my camera. These are the only pictures that I can call semi appropriate :) This weekend will consist of lots of studying, food breaks (lots), partying out tonight (I'm vibing with this guy - it's his 18th today), oh and trying to find a cool present for him, hmmm, then tomorrow, more studying and this function at the greek club. Other than that will try get some cool posts in and the uploader better listen to me! Have a totally amazing weekend and Happy Halloween for tomorow ;) Play nice. Mowgli x

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My New Babies!!

Evening blog :)
I had a feeling this weekend was going to be great - positive energy chaneling! haha. So it didn't start off quite as planned, was in the most comfortable and deep sleep saturday morning when my 5 year old brother jumped on me. I was officially awake. He dragged me to the kitchen to make him breakfast so decided to have an earlyish morning. Had papaya, flapjacks and coffee for breakfast - name me a better breakfast, really. Then, I remembered about my beauties I bought on Firday!! I bought a pair of vintagey, brown lace up boots from Zoom in Waterfront :) I love them so much and have wanted something like that for long. So I'd consider that a good start to a day.

Later, Phil, Courts and I took a drive up to Camps Bay in Courts' dads Jeep Rangler - so gorgeous. We had lunch at Codfather - half price sushi and drinks at Dizzy's and just met up with lots of people. I must say Camps Bay is a really nice, vibey place for all kinds of ocassions.
Sunday we went to some family friends house in Bantry Bay. Had delicious lunch, and had a good old Sunday just chilling out before the start of school.
Hope everyone had a jol this weekend. Mowgli out x

Took forever to load this.. uploader is taking forever so im afraid this is the only pic..>> MY BABIES ;)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Model Mix

Just got back from a 8 hour day of work, I feel like a am a living bowl of jelly! Still have homework to do, chill out and come to terms with the fact that tomorrow is school and that this quite eventful weekend has come to an end. Here are a few things I learnt this weekend:
1) Never run after someone near steps when drinking (I can hardly walk today)
2) Tornado Paddle Pop ice lollies are amazing
2) Salad, rice and schnitzel mixed together with balsamic viniger may sound gross but is so great
4) The most common name in the world is Mohammed (haha, don't ask)
5) The next pair of shoes that I am going to buy will most probably be a pair of black lace up boots in the mens section of Zoom
6) Never take anything for granted (Known fact, but true)
Here's a model Mix to end off the weekend baby.
Mowgli out x

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Noir Cris Mon Ami

Bonjour Blog!
Je suis grande, espérons que vous allez bien:) haha. Tried on this outfit as an optional outfit for tonight. Going to a surprise 18th so should be pretty fun, I hope! Don't think I'm going to wear it tonight but maybe next weekend, thinking for tonight, something classic and stunning but flats.
In the outfit below I'm wearing:
# Black lace body from Zara
# Mid waisted Bandage skirt from Foschini
# Black Ankle Boots from Zoom
# Chanel Purse

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois,
Mowgs x

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My love for Platforms and Wedges

Good Evening Blog :)
This post is just of a few different pairs of platforms and wedges that I had in different files and just put together now. I absolutely adore platforms and wedges, the chunkier the better. I am going to go on a mad hunt around Cape Town this weekend and will not rest until I have found the perfect pair of chunky platforms! Wish me luck and if you know of any good places to start looking, let me know. Love A. x

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