Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shouting as Loud as you can may not get you Heard, but people will Stare..

I absolutely love all these pictures I found on sites and blogs. They are edgy and and pretty original I'd say. Scream loudly, get noticed, be an individual, whatever you do; do it well. Be crazy :) hehe

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Lunch

Today we went to the Greek club for lunch with the family. And you know how sunday lunches end up.. everyone eats way to much, drinks way too much and talks way too much. On the whole it was pretty fun though. We had greek salad, lots of meat, dips, pita breads, and the list goes on.

My sister also got back from Europe yesturday and we hadn't seen eachother for almost 2 months!! (most we've spent apart in our whole lives!) So we did a lot of catching up this weekend and due to the fact that I was sick and she was jetlagged we had no trouble staying in, having some chill time and eating lots of Swiss chocolate and skittles :) -Thats what winter does.

Tomorrow I have to go to school and finally face the fact that I have 2 weeks to catch up! :/ Ahh.. back to the usual routine. Hopefully my blog posts can keep me sane, just as I start a very belated term. Will try post as much as I can inbetween my studies. Ciao for now. x

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Purposeful Design or Mindless Process?

So basically the heading is pretty self explanitory.. I am sick at home on antibiotics and feelings pretty bad. I have been desperate to put together an outfit and make a new post. I'm meant to be well dressed and taking it easy so the minute my mom went for a rest I grabbed my brother, threw on this outfit and he took a few pics. I am now back into bed and trying to establish if there will be any point in trying to understand the new section of maths I missed so I can begin learning for tomorrows test. I missed the first week as I was in Greece and now have missed the past few days as I'm sick. Pointless I'd say, it's all latin to me. Anyways.. I am wearing:

White lace body from Zara
Denim shorts I cut from Tally Weijl
Navy blue blazer from Zara
Brown Clogs/Mules from Oysho
I will try posting a more 'proffessional' outfit post tomorrow or the day after, depending on how I feel. Wish me luck on trying to get a few days extra to learn for this test. Kisses x

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Loving

Ok so I am currently back in South Africa. Left on Sunday, 5 hour flight to Doha, 12 hour wait in Doha airport, 8 hour flight to JHB, a 40 minute wait in airplane, 2 hours to Cape Town, and finally a half an hour taxi drive home. Can you say.. J E T L A G.

It feels amazing to be home, my house, friends, dog, my bed!! But at the same time I feel sad to leave, was my home for 6 weeks. In the last week before I left we went to this place called Milina (5 hours from Athens). We were going yachting with 9 other boats (called a flotilla)

So on the other boats were families from England, one from Holland and ofcourse us from the mother city. The teenages and even the parents on the other boats were incredible people and we all became pretty close. We sailed to tons of islands and had some insane experiences. I am not going to begin to explain our stunning days or crazy nights or even crazier early mornings because nop one will really feel how I do. But I will say this: it was insane and the people: legends.

i miss you guys <3

..over and out;)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Theologo & a Birthday wish

Found a starfish!!

We caught a baby octapus but we threw it back..

Breath taking veiw near the house

My little brother on the right and fam friend on left

Me and My dad

Me jumping of a rock

My dad :)

Looks like I'm lying on the pebbles but its actually the crystal clear water

Goodmorning to Greece and everyone on the other side of the world :) This post is called Theologo, it is a place in Greece, about an hour and a half away from Athens. Family friends of ours have a holiday house there so we went up for a couple of days. I hadn't seen my dad for a month and he came up to Theologo and tomorrow we are going island hopping on a yacht for a week :) Theologo is really beautiful and they have incredible beaches so we spent most of our time in the water, I love the sea so I had no objections.

After thought: Today is my best friends birthday - Courtney May Gabriella Botten. I haven't seen her for just over a month and I miss her so much. Have an amazing day angel I love you. x
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