Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cape Town Bloggers Get Together

Next week on the 8th November it's the Cape Town Blogger's End of the Year Get Together. Will be popping in for a while, and think it will be fun to mingle with all the other bloggers. RSVP at at fablefairyblog@gmail.com. Hope to see you there :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


Went to Camps Bay last night/evening for sundowners with Phil, her boyfriend Warren and Courts. We hit Tuskany for drinks and the scenery was just perfect. Was great, perfect chilled night, sick beats in the backround and beautiful veiw of the beach - my kind of setting. Before we went had a small family tea party :) (including courts and clare of course)

On the way.. pumping the jams in Warrens car.

Courts and her mermaid hair.. wow!

I man walking on a wire tied to 2 palm trees. Wow, great show. Gave him some money :)

Audi R8.. what a beauty!!

Got home.. green tea and multi-vitamins :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Exploring Town.. minus them braces ;)

Got my braces off thursday morning, oh yes!! Was so amazing so have freedom in my mouth and to eat without checking my teeth, etc. Was a one year and 3 months wait so was definately well deserved! Felt pretty weird though.. a good kind of weird :)

On Friday Phil and I went to the center of Cape Town, we looked at the shops and met up with Pierre (http://ftwcapetown.blogspot.com/) and his friend. We went to Vida in Kloof street and had iced coffee, was delicious. It was about 30 degrees and we had just been walking for ages so it was just what we needed.
After that we went to our last class this year of Drama (ACT Cape Town) and our teacher bought us cake, cup cakes, biscuits, our year certificates and DVDs of our work on camera this term. Was so fun, had a little party. We then went to a quick casting for a TV commercial for Safari. We had to catch raisins with our mouths after throwing them in the air, whilst everyone watches you.. haaha. Was ok though, had a laugh.
Friday night Jess, the boys and I hit Claremont. We popped into Stones, and Tinroof and spent the rest of the night at Dakota. Wasn't that full but the music was sick and we had a jam. We taxied back to Hout Bay with Jess, Duncan and Brandon and slept at me.
Saturday I did a Cosmopolitan promo in Town, Kloof St. Was great, a bit tiring but getting paid so was worth it. Ended up chilling last night because was so exhausted and now, what to do tonight? Hmm.. Sunday, maybe Camps Bay. Hope eveyone enjoyed their weekend like I did. Kisses Ax

Friday, November 26, 2010

Casablanca Ma Cherie

Getting ready for my sisters 19th Birthday celebration at Casablanca. Went early, had champagne, vodka and cranberry at a private area with a group of about 25 people and then opened it up and did the rounds :) Was such a fun night, this was wednesday by the way.

Marcel and I, jamming on the dance floor. >Breaking it down, no less.
Marcel, Me, Jess, Jamie and Ashley.

My sister and I. Not the best picture but had to put one of the birthday girl and her soul sister ;)

x x x

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Exams?? NO more.

Yesss, you heard right :) Exams are over and holidays are hear. I can taste the freedom. Casablance tonight.. will keep you posted. Time for.. what ever I feel like doing. No boundaries.. maybe I'll have a tea party tomorrow. Who knows. Enjoy your Wednesday night.. I know I will. Ax

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Story Behind the Shoe

Did a bit of Summer Clean the other day.. yes, studying does make you slightly crazy or should I say crazier. Threw out tons of clothes and shoes I don't wear, bits of shit lying around my room, etc. There was so much dust from our renovations, I actually dusted and vacuumed my room! Round of aplause please :) Anyways so here are afew of my high shoes (heels, wedges, platforms, etc) And the story behind them..ish.

So these are my black, slightly metalic lace up wedges I bought in Greece in the June/July holidays from Tally Weijl. They were chilling in the shop, and wasn't to sure if I liked them, however my mom was fitting something on so I tried them on out of boredom and what do you know, I fell inlove. I named them Cocos.

Then there my Lolitas. These are my pride and joy, so comfortable and also pretty versatile. They are from Oysho in Greece aswel, they are nice day shoes but can also be worn at night.

I bought these about 3 years ago from Zoom. Black suede ankle boots. Although I have had them for quite a sufficient period of time they are my soft spot. Meet my Isabelinis.

These are from Tally Weijl in Greece, and surprisingly never been worn, besides prancing around my room admiring them. They are my boho meets class, somewhat chunky heels, my Poccos.

I used to be obsessed with these heels, haha. Back in the day of black strappy shoes. They still are pretty decent, from a random sports shop, don't even ask.. The brand is Bronx. My Dolces.

My greyish peep toe wedges from Zoom aswel. Was admiring them for ages and then when they went on sale I bought them haha. My rochas.

These are white, strappy, chunky, frontly platformed, heels. Quite a mouth full :) With a white dress, perfect tan and bronzed skin, they look great - the Godessy look. They are my Sophias.

These cream wedges are from Luella, bought 4 years ago and still wear them!! Now thats a classic find. They look gorgous on and remind me of Marylin Monroe slightly.. hence my Monroes ;)

These are my babies.. comfortable as hell, and stunning on. They`are from H&M in Greece, I bought them last year. They are wedges, with a pink lining which compliments the colour. They are my Anglinas.

Anywyas these are just a few of my shoes I chose just to give you an idea about my shoes.. As you can see I do name them. Yes, I am a shoe whisperer, so I've been told. Haha, it's my obsession. 2 Exams left, end on wednesday, then Casablanca for my sisters birthday and thursday I have a secret surprise for you.. mmm don't even guess ;) Ciao Ax

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