Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Deriva - Movie of the Moment

Here's a movie to watch in your study break: A Deriva
Snack to have with: Popcorn, milo chocolate and green tea :)

This is definately one of my favorite movies.
It is a Brazilian set movie in the 1980's. Everything about the movie is stunning. They speak Portuguese, the language is really beauty to the ears, the setting is really gorgeous, a family is at their coastal beach house in Buzios for the Summer and all the people in it are beautiful, all in different ways. It's not an American movie with a Romanticised story line, but a period of time in the life of a teenage girl, and her family. It's about relationships between parents, parent and child, friends, boyfriends.. and discovering. The girl that plays the role of Filipa, is the main character, the actresses name is Laura Neiva. She is probably the most naturally beautiful person I have ever seen in my life and is only about 15. I recomend this movie to anyone with good taste. haha.
Annnd I finish exams on wednesday which means.. I can go out every day, chill out without being told to study, and blog everyday! Wow, I can already taste it. Have history tomorrow, afrikaans lit tuesday and english grammar wed. Hmmm.. will see. Hope everyone had a memorable weekend. xA

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