Saturday, June 4, 2011

Prop House - Torné Volk Photography

Had a small shoot today at a prop house in muizenberg.. was really cool :)
There were about 7 girls all together and 1 (lucky) guy. Got there abit early so got my hair and makeup started first. Got smokey eyes done and a nude lip.. and falsies. oh yeah (first time). My hair was teased and looked super cool but has gone down now so kinda looks like weeds.. grr. Here's afew pics just took (messing around on webcam) but will put the final pics up when the photographer sends it to me.

Not too sure of everyones names. haha. But will post them up when i post the pics, but the photographer was Torné Volk - genius :)

Mmm, had to get my watch in!

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