Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dan's Amazing 21st

Last Saturday was my boyfriends 21st Birthday! Was amaaaaazing I must say. Went to his house during the day and we just spent some time together, had some lunch and oooh gave him his present. I have always been an awkward present giver and was kinda nervous to give it to him but he loved it! Was so happy :)

A while ago he said he wanted an orangey v-neck top and I was a bit hesitant, but then it came out that it's cause this guy on Geordie Shore has it (UK version of Jersey Shore) hehe. So pretended I was interested and watched a few mins of it and its this really nice dark orange/coral colour. So I looked high and low and found one!! yay. Then I got him this chunky silver ring and got -ζήσε τα όνειρά σου- engraved on the inside with a little heart next to it. It means 'live your dreams'. He's VERY ambitious and determined and thought it would be nice, something he can keep forever. (better not loose it ha) So yes, he adored it!

We all then got ready and went to The Grand in Granger Bay. A beautiful restaurant that they have recreated a beach in the front and it was absolutely beautiful and the best weather ever! We had champagne, drinks and starters outside there with 30 of his closest friends and family and then went on inside for dinner and some incredible speeches!

After that we all head on down to Camps Bay for the private launch of the old Karma - it's called Nisha. They have made it so gorgeous - classy and chíc. And that was the perfect end to the night. All in all it was an amazing day and so happy he had such a perfect time! Here's some pics below at The Grand and Nisha.

(He's wearing the ring and top!!)

x x x

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