Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Must Haves

So... been studying for my history exam tomorrow loads and think my brain needs a rest before it shrivels up! But fear not, cause I'm going away on a girls holiday trip with my mom and sister to Thailand in one day less than 2 weeks and really excited! Could really do with some retail therapy, hot tropical weather, amazing food and a bit of a getaway :) Anyways, here's a few 'must haves' of mine at the moment:

1. Exotic Swimwear
Absolutely love the style of this first one - Cleapatra. Gold and black Goddess!

Classic shape and amazing colour - love brights!

And of course lets not forget a beautiful one piece or monokini!

2. Yes, more blazers!
Two-tone, nudes, brights, sequined, slouchy - love them. And absolutely love chunky, short necklaces at the moment!

3. Chunky and striking shoes - as always.
Been crushing on these Jeffrey Campbell Litas for ages! So I think I've waited long enough..!

Chunky, bright and bold.. love those qualities in a shoe!

4 and 5. Chanel Bag and Uneven chiffon skirt
- Perfect!

6. Chunky Rings
Specifically this YSL one!

 7. The perfect nude
I have yet to find the perfect nude, that does not make me look like I've got some funky disease!

Back to the studying...! 
x x x

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