Monday, September 10, 2012

Gym - Oh yes, I said it

Evening beautiful people :) 
You will be VERY proud to know that I hit the gym today! First bit of exercise in.. I honestly don't remember! Yesterday I had a major feel sorry for myself day and literally sat in my room all day, curtains drawn, door closed, bad weather and did basically nothing. Today I decided to get off my ass and actually do something. Got some studying done with Phil, study-tanned for a while, ate loads of food and then went to gym - 3km run/jog and toning! Anyways, so for this week I have English language and creative writing tomorrow, and then history thurs and drama friday. Going to try get some gyming in.. hopefully I can force myself to go again, and want to go on a detox diet! Yes, I have said that many times but as we know Summer is around the corner and the end of my school carrier and start of my vac in Plett is soon to come! So.. need to take a break with all the junk food :( (haha ironically I am eating a massive bag of sour cats right now) Anyways.. life goes on. Everyone's been quite down lately and stressed out so I guess all you can do is try to remain calm, present and optimistic.
Kisses A x x

Just before my work out today - OPTIMISM IS KEY ;)

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