Sunday, September 2, 2012

Music Video Shoot - Red Huxley

Today I was in a music video for this South African band - Red Huxley. Met some gorgeous and lovely girls and had such fun. We had to be the band groupies, dressed in old school rock 'n roll outfits whilst sitting at a bar, drinking beer, smoking and waiting for the bands music video to come on the TV. I wore ripped high waisted denim shorts with black crosses on them, a studded belt, black top with slits up arms and down chest and back, and my black combat boots, and my hair was wavy but pretty big and wild. hehe. We met the band which was cool. And yeah, talked nonsense with the girls and had some good laughs :)

Hair and Make up

Hair in the making
Outfit - love it!

Badass ;)
The Set and Crew
Back to the studying/essay writing/going crazy.... :/ Exams start on wednesday so have loads to do! Oh oh oh!! And forgot to say... got provisionally accepted to UCT :D YAY!
x x x

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