Friday, February 8, 2013

So... I realize I have not posted in who knows how long...:/ (and I realize I have said that about a million times) VERY uncool. And I know this is the weirdest time to start posting again (4am on a friday night) but.. due to the fact that I have stopped drinking as of Sunday 3rd of Feb I am currently buzzing from the after effects of Redbull. haha. Went out with my girlfriend and fellow blogger in fact to Club 31 - was pretty insane! Anyways, I am quite enjoying the sober life (not that I was an alcoholic or anything) and YES you can go to places like Tiger (gross) or Caprice or any other place for that matter mingling with crazy drunk people, stay sober and have fun. You do not fade 'early' as many people have warned me, or have less fun or party less hard. I infact have more energy, do not end up doing embarassing stuff and do not have to lie around the next day nursing a hangover. haha. Anyways not trying to preach here ;)

So... I'm back and going to be better on the current updates with the blog! Soon to come.. Interview with Miss Torné Velk - fashion photographer! And more...

A x x

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