Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Teni Panosian: Beauty Blogger

Good morning!

So.. Having broken ribs and spinal injuries I can't exactly do much :( (Yesterday I went to the hospital for a check and it was literally like an exciting outing. Ha) so you can imagine.. But small price to pay considering! So I've been literally sitting at home and bonding with the family and when they aren't here, bonding with me. Finding things to do.. So I'm going to blog :)

Found this beauty blog which has helped keep me entertained and I really recommend it for those of you who are interested in make up or the sort. It's called Miss Maven by Teni Panosian or her official site is tenipanosian.com and she also has a YouTube chanel in which she does make up editorials. She is so damn pretty! Shes also an actress, been in a few feature films as well as many commercials. So if you ever need make up tips or beauty advice - this is the blog to visit. I always say never trust a hair dresser with unattractive hair and just like that saying goes so it does for Teni. She's always got perfectly applies make up so there you have it.



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