Monday, September 20, 2010

Filthy Disco

Friday night, had another night out with the boys at Assembly in town, We first went to a few bars in harrington street, one called Castle Bar and the other one unknown. Was very vibey and was good to catch up with my boys. We then went to Assembly, to see Chris Jack, Nick Supply and most importantly Kelevra. They were all great but Kelevra just took it to the next level, he was amazing. I have never seen my guy friends freak out like that in my life! haha.
I wore:
Purple side shoulder bandage dress - Tally Weijl
Black leather jacket - Stradavarious
Black studded strappy sandals - Woolworths
Sling bag - Zara

Jesse, Chad, Me, Duncan, Matt, Troy, Mike, Anele and Luke

Matthew and Gere
Kelevra and the crowd
Me and some of the boys

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