Friday, September 17, 2010

Spring Afternoon

This week has been the longest week ever, maybe its because the holidays are on their way and I cannot be happier that this term is finally over. I am currently sitting with my mom, gran, sister, brother and her boyfriend, eating my grans home made carrot cake and drinking ginger tea.. mmm. (And it may seem as if Im being antisocial. -multitasking. ha) Anyways so this is my spring-friday-afternoon-socks and platform-outfit :) I have finally tried out the socks and platform trend, I really like it.

I am wearing:
High waisted shorts with bow - Zara
White lace body suit - Zara
Cardigan - Woolworths
Platforms - Oysho
Vintage bag - My other gran
Rosary - Grans aswel

On Tuesday we handed in our end of term peice for art and I painted an African lady on a big canvas in oil paints. I got 83% for it and it is now currently in my house :)

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