Monday, September 20, 2010

Things to do when Sick at Home

Morning morning. Yes you may be wondering, why I am blogging and if I can do that at school? The answer is no, I can't do that at school, infact our school has blocked anything under the heading of entertainment. fun. Anywyas thats beside the point, I am at home with gastro (won't go into the details) and so does the rest of my family. ha. So I have compiled a list of things to do when your at home sick and pretty much feel to crappy to get out of bed.

1) Read as many novels as you can
2) Blog in bed
3) Create a secret language
4) Smack a pair of flip flops together non-stop
5) When your parents come to tell you to stop, hide them and pretend to sleep
6) Read a rap out loud in a posh English accent like it were a poem
7) Pretend to be a secret service agent
8) Write a funny story that makes you laugh so freaking hard but that no one else would understand
9) Annoy your family members - then blame it on your meds
10) Ask for a glass of water with a straw and then make loud bubbles

1 comment:

  1. Ohmy, just had a good laugh at this. Haha :) Im coming upstairs now.. Beware.. xxx


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