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Liam Anthony - Dancer

Liam Anthony is a sixteen year old hip hop, jazz and contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher. He describes himself as shy, fun, loving, a very energetic person & full of life. And when looking at his career profile on danceplug he says: "My life revolves around dance. I eat, breathe &sleep dance." I myself have been lucky enough to be in a fashion show production by Glenda Jones, in which Liam along with various other talented dancers performed. Here are some questions I asked him, along with the answers.

How long have you been dancing for?
-I've been dancing for 9 years :)

Why did you start?
-I started dancing because I loved it! From a young age I watched Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson & Britney Spears concerts but not to watch them but to watch their back- up dancers! I've found the world of profesional dance to be quite an amazing field to go into :)

Liam Anthony - Steppin' Up choreo (September 2010)

Who inspires you in connection with your dancing?
-Different people, everyday inspire me to do a piece of choreography. Like my latest piece to "Bottoms Up" was inspired by a choreographer Tony Czar who did a piece to that same song whilest I was in L.A this year for a 4 Day Hip Hop Convention :) So I will watch something & I will like it so much that I also do a piece to it. But I do have a few favourite choreographer such as Tony Czar, Kumari Suraj, JaQuel Knight (Single Ladies choreographer) Parris Goebel, Matt Cady (Fanny Pack) Lauri Anne Gibson (Lady Gaga's choreographer) & Rudi Smit (Our dance crew Untamed's choreographer.

Where/who do you dance for? (teacher, etc)
-I dance for a crew called Untamed. We are situated in Durbanville. This year we qaulified to go to Las Vegas for the International World Hip Hop Championships :) 36 Countries took part & out of those 36 we placed 22nd :) It wasnt as great as we wanted to place. But I'll let you be the judge of the that, check out the Nationals footage :) We plan on doing it again next year so hopefully we do better!

Untamed, FIRST PLACE @ Dance To Las Vegas (May 2010)

Do you use your body movement to express your feelings?
-Not always :) Whatever move I'm feeling at that point I use. I'm very aware of my body though when I choreograph. If I'm choreographing a Contempary piece then by all means yes ofcourse I'm ganna express myself emotionally & mentally for s audience to see.

Liam Anthony - Trish - Hi Yah choreo (Sept '10)

How do you dance: with your mind,with your soul, with your body or with your heart?
-I think I dance with a combination of things :) My mind because I need to be aware of my body. My soul because I need to feel the movement & the music. My body because that is what people are looking at. My heart because I need to feel it within me :)

Liam Anthony - Commander choreo (August 2010)

What are your goals/dreams for the future?
-I defenitly want to be in the Dance Industry. After Matric I'm going straight into the world of dance :) If one day that doesnt go as planned I plan on doing or majoring in Public Realtions :) I'm also very good at Fashion Show Directing/ Co -ordinating & choreographing :) So basically at this point we dont know what the future holds but thats defenitly something I would like to do :)

If you can perform with anyone in the world (alive or dead) who would it be and where?
-I think Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson & Britney Spears.The reason why I mention these 3 names is because the are well known for the MAJOR PRODUCTION SHOWS filled with "DANCERS" whom they love dearly :) It's also a really big deal if you do go on tour with them or do an event with them.
Describe yourself and your dancing in three words?

Liam Anthony - Big Boi - Shutterbug choreo (Sept 2010)

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