Saturday, October 23, 2010

My New Babies!!

Evening blog :)
I had a feeling this weekend was going to be great - positive energy chaneling! haha. So it didn't start off quite as planned, was in the most comfortable and deep sleep saturday morning when my 5 year old brother jumped on me. I was officially awake. He dragged me to the kitchen to make him breakfast so decided to have an earlyish morning. Had papaya, flapjacks and coffee for breakfast - name me a better breakfast, really. Then, I remembered about my beauties I bought on Firday!! I bought a pair of vintagey, brown lace up boots from Zoom in Waterfront :) I love them so much and have wanted something like that for long. So I'd consider that a good start to a day.

Later, Phil, Courts and I took a drive up to Camps Bay in Courts' dads Jeep Rangler - so gorgeous. We had lunch at Codfather - half price sushi and drinks at Dizzy's and just met up with lots of people. I must say Camps Bay is a really nice, vibey place for all kinds of ocassions.
Sunday we went to some family friends house in Bantry Bay. Had delicious lunch, and had a good old Sunday just chilling out before the start of school.
Hope everyone had a jol this weekend. Mowgli out x

Took forever to load this.. uploader is taking forever so im afraid this is the only pic..>> MY BABIES ;)

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