Saturday, October 30, 2010

Morning :)

Moooorning to the Mother City!
Just woke up and as usual my brother played a huge role in the waking of me up. Yes, this time it was the flash that woke me. He's quite the photographer and so let him have his fun, I plugged in the ipod and let him wear out the battery in my camera. These are the only pictures that I can call semi appropriate :) This weekend will consist of lots of studying, food breaks (lots), partying out tonight (I'm vibing with this guy - it's his 18th today), oh and trying to find a cool present for him, hmmm, then tomorrow, more studying and this function at the greek club. Other than that will try get some cool posts in and the uploader better listen to me! Have a totally amazing weekend and Happy Halloween for tomorow ;) Play nice. Mowgli x

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