Friday, January 21, 2011

My Friday

Decided to have a relaxed and chilled out Friday night/afternoon. So far, this is the first weekend since school has started. I did a clay face mask earlier on and then hopped into the shower and used my new body shop products.. they smell amazing! After a nice, long, hot shower I dragged my mom to the car and made a pit stop at Sushi Zone.. was craving prawn california rolls. So good. Sushi is such a beautiful food :) And now I am currently watching series' and eating popcorn and drinking tea. Perfect.

Weekend plans..
Wake up (9ish), force myself to go for a run.. (maybe just do some star jumps in my room), drink coffee and eat breakfast. Go to beach/ go for a surf with Courts.. lunch in Camps Bay perhaps (nandos.. mmm)
Get ready and go to Phil (6ish) Prematch, chill out.. :)
Mercury Live for School fundraiser (yes, schools getting in there..clubbing?) haha.
Pop into Fez and then see how it goes.. Sounds pretty decent I rate.

Surf and then see. ;)

Happy Friday! Quote:

Mowgli.. x x

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