Monday, January 24, 2011

On Saturday (22 January 2011) it was 2 of my friends 18th Birthday jol. They hired a party bus to take about 30 of their good friends around Cape Town and then to drop them in Claremont at about 12 to continue the night. Unfortunately I couldn't be there as I had a school fundraiser, and was pretty bleak that I was going to miss prtying some of my closest guy friends. They are the sickest group of guys ever! The next morning I found out that 3 of my closest guy friends along with a few other people were in a serious accident whilest on the back of an open bakkie (the bakkie flipping over). I won't go into the details but they all were pretty badly injured, so much as to the point were my one friend is on life support in ICU..! Sunday night I hardly slept because I kept waking up with bad dreams about my friends.. Troy, Chad and Gere.

Just normal guys, having a jam and catching a lift home. I'm pretty sure none of them were expecting what came next. You don't appreciate life as much until someone thats close to you is in a situation like that and you are faced with that question. "Is it worth it?" Speeding, drinking, driving, driving without a licence.. ?? Everyone wants to have fun, be a bit of a rebel, some harmless fun, BUT when do you draw the line? There's always the same line.. "It won't happen to me." But it could, and it happened to 3 of my really good friends. I thank God that they all survived the crash and pray that they all make a good recovery. I love you guys and will try visit soon. Keep your heads held high, I'm here for you. x

These are a few pictures of us from a while ago at Assembly.

Troy & I

Gere on the right with Matt.

Chad to the left of me and Troy second from the far right.

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