Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birthday Girl: Princess Aurora ;)

Friday it was my birthday.. and wow. It was so fucking amazing! I don't really like birthdays much cause of all the expectations and all - don't ask. So I didn't expect anything but I was very much mistaken. Although I had to wake up at 6.30sm in the morning (hell no) I was presented with the most stunning MICHAEL KORS watch!!!!! Beautiful ostriche leather (light brown) strap, chunky gold face outlined in diamanté. I'm officially in love. I had my 6 year old brother singing happy birthday to me in english, greek, xhosa and attempting afrikaans! Vanilla cake, with cream cheese icing and covered in toasted almonds and a cup of coffee. School was surprisingly bareable and then ACT class after school was fab. A group of the most insane people came over at about 7.30pm and onwards and we jolled the predrinks... great drinks and of course the awsome shot glass from Argentina Phil got me that is the equivalent of about 4 single South African shots! haha. We then ended up at Assembly and.... it was crazy! I loved my birthday. Got some sexy presents and spent it with some sexy people - so here's a few sexy pics (national cleavage day) Will post pics of my insanely gorgeous watch.. x x

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