Monday, April 4, 2011

Ring a Ring A Rosie..

Morning :) Today is my first official day of holidays, although the holidays are only a week long :( - Im going to make the most of them.. and need to start poting more! I'm about to leave for town with my mommy.. going to a casting for a Vodacom DJ commercial and then meeting with the client for interveiw forr stills. Wearing my hair totally mowgli today - volumous and wavy. Blue nails (kind of quirky), skinny jeans, white converse, white vest and black and red check check shirt open with two very detailed rings. Then changing the shirt to a slouchy blazer and my new big blue bag for meeting clients. Hope all goes well :) Then when I get back will try get ome outfit post for Lookbook and blog. Later meeting my dad for tennis and then tonight maybe Mercury? hmmm.. will see. Until later.. x x

Some lovely rings... :)

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