Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Golden Heights

On Saturday I did a small shoot for Clare Robertson for her photography project for varsity. The heading was high fashion and this is just a preview of whats coming up. We woke super early (after a rough night. grr) and got straight into it, with Cleo Marco (my sister) doing the make up and styling. We shot in the most perfect area.. We shot two outfits - this being the first one. Was so fun!

Photographer - Clare Robertson (clareamor.blogspot.com)
Make up & Styling - Cleo Marco (cleo-queenofthenile.com)
Clothes - My own..

Which brings me to the rest of this post. Here are my new babies from Greece. Gold and Tan Platform Heels from Fullah Sugah by Skondras. I LOVE THEM!

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