Saturday, July 14, 2012

Land of the Thai

So... last week I got back from... THAILAND! Was an incredible holiday with my mom and sister, we went to Phuket for 9 days and then Bangkok for 3. In Phuket, we indulged in spa treatments, naps in the sun, trips the beach, amazing meals (my fave - Prawn Padthai.. noodles with tofu, beansprouts, prawns, etc) and crazy beautiful experiences! Bangkok was different because of it's big city elements, however still very cultured, but probably one of the most stunning cities in the world for me! Bangkok was a really insane shopping experience.. between the international stores (topshop, zara, bershka, etc), the knock-offs and nameless but gorgeous items - it was a shoppers paradise! As well as the nightlife! Anyways, here's a few pics :)


Cocktails by the pool!

Sandpit buckets filled with rum, coke, redbull and who knows what else :O

Night out in Koh San Road - met up with my sisters boyfriend and a group of his friends

Lemongrass cold tea..... yum!

Snorkelling and being nibbled by fish

Taking car-bar to the next level ;)

Facials! :D

Me and my sis

Chicken satay and prawn tempura - absolute heaven

Patong Beach
I'm freeeee

Maya Bay - 'The Beach'

Shopping just after Bangla Street - wearing new Asos dress :D

Chocolate brownie milkshake and prawn padthai........ the shit!

Me and my mommy with our wine and good food

Bangla Street at dusk

A x


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