Wednesday, June 2, 2010

more Dash than Cash

The words for the week are dash and cash.. and perhaps clash. haha. These are some outfits and pictures that I like and aren't wishy-washy. One thing I can't stand is wishy-washy. No these pics are definately not, they are to the point but have detail and stand out. The l.ast picture is a pic I took of my best friend Courtney, I love her. She's wearing leopard print and houndstooth, I would usually never pair these two together as they are both so busy but I have decided I quite like it. This heading can mean different things to different people and thats really good. You must keep your perseption of the heading and interpret it in your own way, thats important or we'd all look and be the same - and thats boring. Anyways, I'm leaving for Greece tomorrow so the next post I make will probably be on the other side of the world. Or perhaps I shall post one before I leave :)

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