Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween :)

So yesterday it was Halloween, not only that but my little brothers first year trick or treating! He's 5, and was so excited.. wow. That plus lots of sweets = bouncing off the walls!

There's something amazingly exciting and satisfying about going back to the start of your youth again, dressing up, begging for sweets and not giving a shit about how stupid you look as a 16 year old, walking around with a tiny person with his head sticking out of a sheet and taking ages to select what colour sweet you should chose from a big bowl offered to you (and trying not to empty the whole bowl in your bag and run away) Anyways so I dressed up as a cat and my brother as a ghost, haha. His outfit consisted of a sheet and a plastic pumpkin head sweet carrier. Got quite a suffitient amount of sweets and I think it turned out to be a fun study break:) Go team!

Outfit inspiration: Cute stray cat (think i scared it)

I'm wearing:
Black body - Zara
High Waisted Skirt - Mr Price
Cut off Boots - Unknown
Black Slouchy Blazer - Bershka
Black Bow Gloves - Vintage: Grans
Studded Bag - Tally Weijl

Interveiw with Gareth Cliff coming next so stay tuned ;)


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