Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jersey Girl

Today was the second day of my holiday and so far it's been great. Casablanca was so fun last night, met some crazy people. I bought this knit jersey type cardigan the other day and wore it for the first time today.. been looking for something like that for ages and absolutely am inlove. haha. I also bought a plain gold band bangle from a man in Hout Bay that hand makes and sells them, really a classic buy. And being a pro bargainer I bought it for.. R20! Better believe it. So tomorrow I'm thinking, run in the moring, casting in town early afternoon after I get my report (oh gosh), then waterfront with a friend, maybe some lunch and then at night maybe assembly and then Zula Bar to see the Plastics play. Don't forget it's Puza Thursday today, so enjoy it, with no regrets hopefully. Mowgli out. x

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