Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chanel Nights

So.. I have been sick at home today and most of yesterday felt horrible! Had the worst migraine ever and the doc said i have a virus, plus a mixture of stress and tension. blah :/ Oh well, shit happens. Anyways, unforunately i missed out on the most perfect day ever, lying around in bed all day. SO before I move onto my summer inspired posts, looks and pics, here's a midnight themed post. A bit of grunge, mostly black - Chanel Nights.

This week has been pretty busy and i must say my blogging has been pretty minimal for the past few months (thumbs down). But there are some sick things to come and i need to get my damn camera fixed. growl. So hopefully this weekend i will blog it proper (thumbs up) enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day people. Mowgli x x

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