Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wake Me Up in Summer

Still obsessing over S U M M E R and the perfect maxi dress!

Every morning I wake up and it's slightly lighter and this happy feeling takes over my body! Eep. Just love Summer. Waking up to sunlight pouring over my bed, the perfect veiw from my bedroom window, exposed skin, happy and beautiful people surrounding you. Everyone seems more enthused and adventurous and everyones eyes twinkle with a certain love of Summer (Even those rain loving, cold day hugging people that won't admit it - I'm onto you;) ) hehe.

Anwyays, holidays are around the corner and that means some time to soak up the free time, go away with my boy and friends and I need to do some Summer wardrobe shopping and some Summer cleaning for my current wardrobe. Here's a few gorgeous pictures of Olivia from FashionSalade - love it.

A x

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