Thursday, August 5, 2010

Choose the Hours of least Interuption..

This is a result of my restless mind the day before a friday. Tomorrow we end school at 12 and then we have a long weekend. I guarentee some very interesting posts from this weekend. I would explain it to you in great detail but I will save the indespensible excitement of the past events to explain and show it to you after the weekend :) For the past few days for some unexplainable reason I have been restless and I can't sit still. I have been making plans for my redesign of my blog and need to get a few sketches computer done before I can re-do it. Very exciting. Since i am so bored and have been procrastinating most of the week, these are some reoccuring activities I realised I do without thinking..

1. I try on all my new summer clothes I know I can't wear until next season or walk around the house in my high heels.
2. Eat. I make popcorn everyday or just open the fridge and stare in it for a while.
3. Smoke on the balcony (bad habit) and talk in different accents-it's quite fun actually
4. Put my gym clothes on and then forget to go to gym and only realise I'm still in them when I get ready for bed.

..and after just rereading what I just wrote I think I'll stop right there before anyone gets the wrong empression of me. We all have our bad habits right? Well, I have decided those 4 points (along with others) will disengage themselves from my daily routines :) anywyas the last like 2 paragraphs are much of an after thought. Ciao x

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