Sunday, August 8, 2010

Papa L'Americano

So this weekend was probably one of the best weekends ever. Phil, Courts and I stayed in Hermanus for saturday night (no parents!). Anyways this is the longest photo post yet and they are just a few pics of times during the period of sat morning and sun afternoon. :) Saturday was so insane and we had the biggest jol ever.. the heading is the song: We speak no Americano by Yolanda be cool. Very nostalgic song..
All packed up..
Coffee stop and to admire the beauty, my dads friends 599 Ferrari, out of box, ordered in black. Im obsessed.

Arrived at the hotel. Pretty excited. hehe

Getting ready for girls night out

Healthy dinner before we went out: Mint chocolate, salt & viniger pringles, wine gums and we tossed some naartjies in to call it a balanced meal :)

On the way out..

Pre drinks

Lighting up the Sambuca

Taking my friend home quickly.. hmmm

Next Day.. time for a big lunch:)

Note: greasy food = hangover cure!

PS: HAppy womans day to all you gorgeous girls out there! Love A x

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