Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vintage belt and Navy Blazer

My daddy and I

My mommy and I

Today me and the whole family went to the greek church and then to the swiss club. And yes as many people have pointed out in the past I am a real street dog mix. haha. Greek, Swiss and Portuguese. Anyways it was pretty cool, we ate so much as usual. I could finally wear my grans old vintage chanel type belt and my navy blazer from Zara. I am so full right now I feel I could pop any second now.. I think I need to start gyming on a sunday night cause we always have these fat family lunches and I would very much like it for my new summer clothes I bought in Greece to fit me by the time its summer here! Talking about summer, today was'quite a summery day compared to the dreaded winter days we've been having.. Summer come now!!

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