Thursday, August 19, 2010


Last weekend was a very chilled but lovely one. Phil, Courts and I caught the bus to waterfront on saturday afternoon and saw Inception. Wow, it's a very intense, well made movie. Really enjoyed it and I love Leonardo De Caprio so that helps :) We had lunch and walked around town and did about of trying on and browsing of clothes. It was good weather so I took full advantage and wore shorts!

Nautical high waisted shorts - Zara
Rolling stones top - Courts' from Thailand
Cut off denim jacket - Zara
White chain bag - Bendels

Then on sunday which is the last few pictures, we went to my aunts house for her birthday lunch. We first went out for coffee and then we had the biggest lunch ever. We ended off day with 30 seconds. My absolutely fave game! Don't judge :) haa. Can't saw I won any of the rounds but was so fun and had some great laughs..

Wow, something was faulty when uploading these pictures so this picture came out a bit wonky. I quite like it though :)

On the bus

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