Saturday, July 3, 2010

Naxos Island

On the way to my second home.. Agia Anna beach

Prestine Waters..

Near the Old street Market



View from the top. Haha.

The Port: Gorgeous

Our favorite ice cream place called Waffle House. Best flavours: Maltesers and Ferroro Roche :)

We went for dinner to this restaurant near the old street market. It was called sagapo.. which means I love you in Greek. Was beautiful and the food flipping amazing!!

Go South Africa!! (I can't stand crocs)

Arrived back in Athens 2 days agto from the island called Naxos. We stayed there for 5 nights right on the beach called Agia Anna. The hotel we stayed at was really stunning, it had a big pool in the middle of all the rooms and the decor was really great. We took a ferry there and back and it took aprox. 6 hours each way.. we were in bussiness class so that was pretty cool and I met these 3 guys on the way there too, they were really cool and we're going to meet up in Athens next week :) Anyways, so we practically lived on the beach for 5 days and I have gone up at least 3 shades in colour.. yay! The scenery and veiws were absolutely amazing and we caught a bus every night into the town were the port was which there are a few photos of.. we had dinner and drinks there and I met up with other people at a few bars, etc. Back in the city now which kind off links to my next post.. find out ;) Stay tuned (haha. Have always wanted to say that)

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