Thursday, July 8, 2010

Theologo & a Birthday wish

Found a starfish!!

We caught a baby octapus but we threw it back..

Breath taking veiw near the house

My little brother on the right and fam friend on left

Me and My dad

Me jumping of a rock

My dad :)

Looks like I'm lying on the pebbles but its actually the crystal clear water

Goodmorning to Greece and everyone on the other side of the world :) This post is called Theologo, it is a place in Greece, about an hour and a half away from Athens. Family friends of ours have a holiday house there so we went up for a couple of days. I hadn't seen my dad for a month and he came up to Theologo and tomorrow we are going island hopping on a yacht for a week :) Theologo is really beautiful and they have incredible beaches so we spent most of our time in the water, I love the sea so I had no objections.

After thought: Today is my best friends birthday - Courtney May Gabriella Botten. I haven't seen her for just over a month and I miss her so much. Have an amazing day angel I love you. x

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