Thursday, July 22, 2010

Purposeful Design or Mindless Process?

So basically the heading is pretty self explanitory.. I am sick at home on antibiotics and feelings pretty bad. I have been desperate to put together an outfit and make a new post. I'm meant to be well dressed and taking it easy so the minute my mom went for a rest I grabbed my brother, threw on this outfit and he took a few pics. I am now back into bed and trying to establish if there will be any point in trying to understand the new section of maths I missed so I can begin learning for tomorrows test. I missed the first week as I was in Greece and now have missed the past few days as I'm sick. Pointless I'd say, it's all latin to me. Anyways.. I am wearing:

White lace body from Zara
Denim shorts I cut from Tally Weijl
Navy blue blazer from Zara
Brown Clogs/Mules from Oysho
I will try posting a more 'proffessional' outfit post tomorrow or the day after, depending on how I feel. Wish me luck on trying to get a few days extra to learn for this test. Kisses x

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