Friday, July 2, 2010

Obsessed: To preoccupy the mind excessively with a single topic or emotion..

I'm sure everyone has gone through a stage of obsession once apon a time. Wether it be a specific brand of chocolate, that cute guy next door, a tv program or something else.. but how do you know if your obsessed or if your just over analysing? I guess some things you won't ever find out. Anyways, I am not posting this because I have some funky obsession with something or something (unless potato chips counts) but I just thought it would make a good post, pictures and question. I have been in Greece for exactly 3 weeks today and although having the most amazing time ever I am missing my best friends and my sister so much.. (My secret obsession I'll admit, haha.) But absence makes one appreciate that much more I guess. Anyways.. will post again soon :)

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