Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Lunch

Today we went to the Greek club for lunch with the family. And you know how sunday lunches end up.. everyone eats way to much, drinks way too much and talks way too much. On the whole it was pretty fun though. We had greek salad, lots of meat, dips, pita breads, and the list goes on.

My sister also got back from Europe yesturday and we hadn't seen eachother for almost 2 months!! (most we've spent apart in our whole lives!) So we did a lot of catching up this weekend and due to the fact that I was sick and she was jetlagged we had no trouble staying in, having some chill time and eating lots of Swiss chocolate and skittles :) -Thats what winter does.

Tomorrow I have to go to school and finally face the fact that I have 2 weeks to catch up! :/ Ahh.. back to the usual routine. Hopefully my blog posts can keep me sane, just as I start a very belated term. Will try post as much as I can inbetween my studies. Ciao for now. x

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