Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Loving

Ok so I am currently back in South Africa. Left on Sunday, 5 hour flight to Doha, 12 hour wait in Doha airport, 8 hour flight to JHB, a 40 minute wait in airplane, 2 hours to Cape Town, and finally a half an hour taxi drive home. Can you say.. J E T L A G.

It feels amazing to be home, my house, friends, dog, my bed!! But at the same time I feel sad to leave, was my home for 6 weeks. In the last week before I left we went to this place called Milina (5 hours from Athens). We were going yachting with 9 other boats (called a flotilla)

So on the other boats were families from England, one from Holland and ofcourse us from the mother city. The teenages and even the parents on the other boats were incredible people and we all became pretty close. We sailed to tons of islands and had some insane experiences. I am not going to begin to explain our stunning days or crazy nights or even crazier early mornings because nop one will really feel how I do. But I will say this: it was insane and the people: legends.

i miss you guys <3

..over and out;)

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