Monday, May 10, 2010

Some Of My Favorite Bags

This bag belonged to my gran, like a lot of the others. She was very stylish and I liked to call her my 'Chanel Gran'. haha.

This is one of three chain bags in this post. This is a classic gold beauty. It's probably my favorite!

This used to be my grans. It's adorable!! It's a genuin leather original vintage item. It's a nuetral colour so it goes with lots of pastels and but is very versatile :)

I bought this bag in Greece last year from Tally Weijl. It's quite a bohemian look and I am really liking the fringe.

This is another chain bag, black Bendels bag that my mom bought in her 20's. I love it.

This is a navy blue Chanel bag with gold chain. It belonged to my gran and it is one of my all time favorite!! It goes with most things and can make an outfit complete :)

These two sling bags are from H&M in Greece. My sister bought them when she went to Greece in January. They are fun and stand out, they are covered in sequins.


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