Sunday, November 28, 2010

Exploring Town.. minus them braces ;)

Got my braces off thursday morning, oh yes!! Was so amazing so have freedom in my mouth and to eat without checking my teeth, etc. Was a one year and 3 months wait so was definately well deserved! Felt pretty weird though.. a good kind of weird :)

On Friday Phil and I went to the center of Cape Town, we looked at the shops and met up with Pierre ( and his friend. We went to Vida in Kloof street and had iced coffee, was delicious. It was about 30 degrees and we had just been walking for ages so it was just what we needed.
After that we went to our last class this year of Drama (ACT Cape Town) and our teacher bought us cake, cup cakes, biscuits, our year certificates and DVDs of our work on camera this term. Was so fun, had a little party. We then went to a quick casting for a TV commercial for Safari. We had to catch raisins with our mouths after throwing them in the air, whilst everyone watches you.. haaha. Was ok though, had a laugh.
Friday night Jess, the boys and I hit Claremont. We popped into Stones, and Tinroof and spent the rest of the night at Dakota. Wasn't that full but the music was sick and we had a jam. We taxied back to Hout Bay with Jess, Duncan and Brandon and slept at me.
Saturday I did a Cosmopolitan promo in Town, Kloof St. Was great, a bit tiring but getting paid so was worth it. Ended up chilling last night because was so exhausted and now, what to do tonight? Hmm.. Sunday, maybe Camps Bay. Hope eveyone enjoyed their weekend like I did. Kisses Ax

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