Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Forest were Youthful Spirits run Free

Today was my second off day, as I didn't write exams. Sounds all too good, but spent a tedious amount of time studying for the 5 other exams I have left. Studying calls for study group, which as usual calls for Phil. Went over to her at about 2, and did various things (2 minute noodles in a cup, photos, chocolate mission, tractor in a small concealed forest down the road) oh.. and some studying of course. haha :) Was nice to get away from the racket of renovations in my house, piles of books and papers, and monotony. I wore my new floral romper, peach sandals and black chunky sling. Here's some pics of what we got up to.. just messing around really..
English literature tomorrow (Merchant of Venice!) Wish me luck:) Ax

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